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  • The Book Publishing Process Simplified

    Every book’s life starts with an idea, a spark in the writer’s mind. No matter how incredible the idea is, the publication process is a much longer path than most writers realize. The publishing process can be simplified into twelve steps, depending on which publication path you choose. There are two common paths, and one…

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  • 5 Tips for the Perfect Author Photo

    The time has come for you to finalize your author brand: it’s time to choose your headshot, the depiction of you that will be printed into the back of your book with your biography, the version of your face that every reader who reads cover to cover will see. That’s a lot of pressure. How…

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  • How to Market your Book in 2023

    No matter how you published your book, whether you signed a traditional publishing contract, worked with a hybrid publishing house, or chose to self-publish, marketing your book is one of the most consistent and most difficult parts of the publishing process. Marketing any product (including books) has a few main steps, and keeping these in…

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